• Millennium High School is now a part of the new John Jay Campus Athletic Department!

    Students interested in trying out for any of the sports listed, please reach out to our Athletic Directors, who will connect you with the appropriate coach.




    Boys Cross Country

    Boys Fencing

    Boys Soccer

    Girls Cross Country

    Girls Soccer

    Girls Swimming

    Girls Varsity Volleyball

    Girls JV Volleyball


    Boys Indoor Track

    Boys Varsity Basketball

    Boys JV Basketball

    Boys Swimming

    Boys Table Tennis

    Girls Indoor Track

    Girls Table Tennis

    Girls Varsity Basketball

    Girls JV Basketball

    Boys Varsity Baseball

    Boys JV Baseball

    Boys Outdoor Track

    Boys Volleyball

    Coed Stunt

    Girls Fencing

    Girls Flag Football

    Girls Varsity Softball

    Girls JV Softball

    Girls Outdoor Track

    Be advised that tryouts for Fall sports may begin in August, so it is best to reach out as early as possible so that we can make sure that you have all of the paperwork and information that you will need!

    Go Jags!

    Co-Athletic Director Michael Boitano: MBoitano@schools.nyc.gov

    Co-Athletic Director Brian Friedman: BFriedman@millenniumbrooklynhs.org


    John Jay Campus Athletics Mission Statement

    The overall mission of the John Jay Campus Athletics Program is to enhance the holistic healthy lifestyles of all members of the school community through providing inclusive programs, facilities and training that promote physical fitness, competition and life-skill development.

     Accordingly, the Program has identified three core goals:

    1. To serve as a focal point in the school by integrating our diverse student body through common interests in healthy living; fierce, but friendly competition; and a sense of pride and school spirit;
    2. To provide varsity, junior varsity, and club athletic programs of the highest quality to ensure that the growth and development of our students is impacted in the most positive manner; and
    3. To contribute to our campus profile and city-wide reputation through equitable access to sports and supporting scholar athletes who excel both in the classroom and on the playing field.



    1. At the end of each marking period a student must achieve, at a minimum, 89% attendance for that marking period in order to be considered for athletic eligibility. The 90% minimum attendance requirement refers to attendance in school and not to attendance in specific classes. The 90% attendance requirement is not cumulative.

    2. A student must be present in school and must attend all assigned classes in order to participate in any team practice, scrimmage, league or non-league game, meet, contest or try-out on that day. The school Principal, on a case-bycase basis, may grant exceptions to this rule. Valid medical absence documented by a physician’s statement is an exception. Absence due to the death of a father, mother, grandparent or sibling may be approved to a maximum of five school days based upon the submission of documentation to the school Principal. Absences due to court appearances may be approved upon submission of documentation to the Principal.

    3. A student with less than 90% attendance at the end of the term or at the end of any marking period is ineligible, but can establish attendance eligibility when the next report card or evaluation is issued.

    4. A student who has been declared ineligible for failure to meet the 90% minimum attendance requirement and who establishes eligibility when the next report card is issued must maintain a minimum of 90% attendance for every consecutive ten-day period of required school attendance following the issuance of said report card for the duration of the term. When a student fails to meet this requirement, he/she immediately becomes ineligible for the remainder of the term. Eligibility for the subsequent term is based on the 90% minimum attendance requirement set forth in section 1.