• Absences and Lateness

    Students are required to be at school every day when school is in session.

    If a student is sick or must otherwise miss school, the parent or guardian must notify us by emailing attendance@millenniumhs.org by 9:30 AM.  Messages must be received from a verified parent email address already on file with the school. Please also email if your child will be arriving more than 30 minutes late.   

    Whether or not the school has been notified, parents will receive an automated email or text message from NYC Public Schools to the contact information listed in their NYC Schools Account.  

    Upon returning to school, students are required to bring a note signed by their parents or guardians explaining their absence. This is to ensure the student and teacher have a conversation about any missed work.  (If the student visits a doctor, they should bring a doctor's note instead.)  Students should have the note signed by all of their teachers before submitting it to the main office; otherwise, the absence will be marked as unexcused. 

    A handwritten note is acceptable or please feel free to use our STUDENT EXCUSE ABSENCE FORM.

    Medical notes from a doctor’s office are required after three days of consecutive absences or upon late arrival to school after a medical appointment.

    Early Dismissal

    We encourage parents to make medical or dental appointments after 3:00 PM. 

    However, if your child needs to leave school early for any reason, please email attendance@millenniumhs.org before 9:30 AM that day.  Alternatively, your child may bring a note to the main office in the morning before first period class.  The main office will prepare a pass to be given to your child at the time of departure.

    Upon returning to school, students should bring a doctor's note and have it signed by the teachers of the missed classes before submitting it to the main office.

    You can learn more about NYC Public School Attendance Policies here