• Student Life

    The Student Life Program at Millennium consists of 38+ activities that support leadership development, creative expression, social responsibility, healthy lifestyles, civic engagement, and cultural awareness. All extracurricular activities are created based on student interest. If you would like to start a club that is not listed in MHS Club And Afterschool Help, please come to the Main Office to complete a New Club Proposal Form to start one.


    Faculty Contact: Ms. Barry

    Art Loft

    Faculty Contact: Ms. Battagliola 

    No prior art experience is needed. Art Loft is a non-academic, safe space to explore a student's creative side, thoughts, feelings, and individuality.  Art work is not judged for technique or skill; rather, students are encouraged to become immersed in the creative process, express themselves visually, and potentially de-stress.  Paint, clay, sculpture, drawing materials, crafts, collage, and more will be provided.  Students may come as often as they want, weekly attendance is not mandatory.   

    ASU (Asian Student Union)

    Faculty Contact: Ms. Kim

    Balkan Club

    Faculty Contact: Ms. Toulatos 

    BLSU (Black Latinx Student Union)

    Faculty Contact: Ms. Byrd-Tucker 

    Brains & Gains (Workout)

    Faculty Contact: Ms. Ramirez 

    Chess Club

    Faculty Contact: Ms. Taylor-Coster

    Chinese Culture Club

    Faculty Contact: Ms. Chau

    Our mission is to go into depth about Chinese culture and the fascinating intricacies of China that Mandarin class at Millennium does not discuss. We aim to instruct Millennium students who plan to take the AP Mandarin test.

    Cooking Club

    Faculty Contact: Ms. Peters and Ms. Lee

    Crafting Club

    Faculty Contact: Ms. Toulatos

    Debate Club

    Faculty Contact: Ms. Plati

    Drama Club 

    Faculty Contact: Ms. Matsushita and Mr. Garfinkel

    Finance Club

    Faculty Contact: Mr. Russo

    Fitness Club

    Faculty Contact: Mr. Bova 

    Green Team/Sustainability Team

    Faculty Contact: Ms. Kong and Ms. Byrd-Tucker 

    The Green Team is a student-led group that aims to help Millennium "Go Green" by educating students and staff about sustainable habits. Our activities in the past have included: starting a worm condo and compost project and fundraising through a Spring Plant Sale and a Used-Book Drive.  We also host an annual reusable school supply collection in June to be available the following school year. One of our most successful projects is our community farm, which we started with The Battery Conservancy in 2010. We also work closely with the Student Senate to maintain our #ERASETHEWASTE program. We plan to continue these efforts this year and we welcome any other ideas you may have! 

    GSA (Gay Straight Alliance)

    Faculty Contact: Ms. Feinstein 

    Jewish Student Union 

    Faculty Contact: Ms. Raykhtsaum 

    Key Club

    Faculty Contact: Ms. Kallus 

    Key Club International is a high school organization sponsored by Kiwanis International. Key Club assists Kiwanis in carrying out its mission to serve the children of the world. High school student members of Key Club perform acts of service in their communities, such as cleaning up parks, collecting clothing and organizing food drives. They also learn leadership skills by running meetings, planning projects and holding elected leadership positions at the club, district and international levels.

    KPop Club

    Faculty Contact: Ms. Pak

    Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

    Faculty Contact: Ms. Finkelstein

    Literary Magazine - FLUX

    Faculty Contact:  Ms. Stasavage 

    The first seeds of FLUX Magazine were planted by a group of excited juniors with a passion for writing, drawing, and creating. Our vision was a magazine where we could create a platform for students to channel their creative forces, to celebrate their hard work, and to inspire others. Check out our latest issue of Flux!

    Math Team

    Faculty Contact: Mr. Kline

    Meditation & Mindfulness

    Faculty Contact: Ms. Reyes

    Model UN

    Faculty Contact: Ms. Wilson 

    Mouse Squad

    Faculty Contact: Ms. Kong

    MSA (Muslim Student Association)

    Faculty Contact: Ms. DiFilippo 

    Newspaper -The Millennium Phoenix

    Faculty Contact: Ms. Kushner 

    Peer Tutoring

    Faculty Contact: Ms. I. Kim

    Period Equity

    Faculty Contact: Ms. Finkelstein

    Pre-Med Club

    Faculty Contact: Mr. Russo

    Podcast Club

    Faculty Contact: Ms. Kong

    An inside look at Millennium High School students' opinions on topics relevant to today's world that influence the MHS community. Everyone is welcome to share their thoughts and ideas without any judgment. Our core values are community, integrity and honesty. Our mission is to include student’s voices to their fullest potential. 

    Pre-Med Club

    Faculty Contact: Mr. Russo 

    PSAL Sports

    Email the coaches of the teams you are interested in as early as possible to inquire about tryouts, practice and other relevant information. See the MHS Athletics homepage for more details.

    Rainbow Studio

    Faculty Contact: Ms. Battagliola 

    Red Cross

    Faculty Contact: Mr. Gee 

    Sound Lab

    Faculty Contacts: Mr. Garfinkel and Mr. Mihok

    School of Rock is now Sound Lab. Sound Lab is an after-school music program that provides an opportunity for students to learn the music they'd like to play (guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, etc.) and then join bands with other MHS students. 

    Statistics Club

    Faculty Contact: Ms. Dang

    Student Activities

    Faculty Contacts: Ms. Finkelstein and Ms. Peterkin 

    Student Senate

    Faculty Contacts: Mr. Stone and Ms. Weber

    Video Game Club

    Faculty Contact: Ms. Finkelstein (acting)

    Web Design Club

    Faculty Contact: Ms. Pak

    Wellness Club

    Faculty Contact: Ms. Finkelstein 


    Faculty Contact: Ms. Upton-Green