• Exhibition

    Senior year includes the MHS exhibition process. It is a key step in the school's mission to prepare students for college. By promoting high expectations, exhibitions also encourage all students to develop themselves as learners. MHS staff support students though this rigorous, independent evidence-based project.

    For an exhibition, students must conduct research, write an individual 10-page paper, prepare an individual presentation based on a topic of their choice from one of their academic classes, and present before a committee. Topics vary among subject areas and provide an opportunity for students to reflect upon their learning and on extending their thinking.

    Each student is assigned a sponsor who will support him or her through the research, writing, and presentation phase of the exhibition. Students are expected to work on their paper and presentation outside of school time in addition to receiving support at school. Interim deadlines are provided so that students can prepare components of their exhibition at different times.

    We expect students to feel a sense of pride throughout the process as they share their reflection and thinking, and as we celebrate their academic interests.