• PSAL Sports Teams

    We have PSAL teams in the following sports. If you are interested in specific sports, please contact the coaches of those teams as early as possible to inquire about tryout dates or other relevant information.

    Baseball Boys Varsity
    Coach: Aaron Silverman, asilverman@millenniumhs.org, and
    Brian Friedman, bfriedman@millenniumbrooklynhs.org 
    Soccer Girls Varsity
    Coach: Jessica Walton, jwalton@schools.nyc.gov

    Basketball Girls Varsity
    Coach: Brian McCarthy, bmccarthy@millenniumbrooklynhs.org

    Soccer Boys Varsity
    Coach: Jon Wachter, jwachter@millenniumbrooklynhs.org  Chris O'Neill, oneillmhs@gmail.com 

    Basketball Boys Varsity
    Coach: Shawnelle Scott, sscott@millenniumbrooklynhs.org
    Softball Girls Varsity
    Coach: Brian McCarthy, bmccarthy@millenniumbrooklynhs.org
    Cross Country Girls
    Coach: Ayumi Nagano, anagano@millenniumbrooklynhs.org 
    Stunt Coed Varsity
    Coach: Christina Castronovo, ccastronovo@millenniumbrooklynhs.org
    Cross Country Boys
    Coach: Ayumi Nagano, anagano@millenniumbrooklynhs.org 
    Swimming Boys and Girls Varsity
    Coach: Alan Zhu, azhu@millenniumbrooklynhs.org 
    Fencing Girls Varsity
    Coach: Avery Nackman, averynackman@gmail.com
    Table Tennis Girls Varsity
    Coach: Wilson Cheah, cheah.wilson@yahoo.com
    Fencing Boys Varsity
    Coach: Avery Nackman, averynackman@gmail.com
    Table Tennis Boys Varsity
    Coach: Wilson Cheah, cheah.wilson@yahoo.com
    Outdoor Track Girls
    Coach: Frederick Hines, fhines@millenniumbrooklynhs.org
    Volleyball Girls Varsity
    Coach: Jason Wallin, jwallin@millenniumbrooklynhs.org 
    Outdoor Track Boys
    Coach: Frederick Hines, fhines@millenniumbrooklynhs.org