• Millennium High School is now a part of the John Jay Campus Athletics Program!  

    John Jay Campus Jaguars Logo

    Mission Statement & General Information 

    The overall mission of the John Jay Campus Athletics Program is to enhance the holistic healthy lifestyles of all members of the school community through providing inclusive programs, facilities and training that promote physical fitness, competition and life-skill development.

     Accordingly, the Program has identified three core goals:

    1. To serve as a focal point in the school by integrating our diverse student body through common interests in healthy living; fierce, but friendly competition; and a sense of pride and school spirit;
    2. To provide varsity, junior varsity, and club athletic programs of the highest quality to ensure that the growth and development of our students is impacted in the most positive manner; and
    3. To contribute to our campus profile and city-wide reputation through equitable access to sports and supporting scholar athletes who excel both in the classroom and on the playing field.