• FAQs

    How can I obtain an application to Millennium High School?
    Application is made through the New York City Department of Education high school admission process. Forms are distributed to 8th grade students through their middle schools at all New York City public schools in the fall. If you are a 9th grade student interested in applying to 10th grade, please request an application from your current high school guidance counselor. 

    If you have just moved to New York City or are applying from private/parochial school, please visit a Family Welcome Center at the New York City Department of Education for information on enrolling in the New York City Public School system. Call 311 to find your Family Welcome Center.
    What is the Admissions Code for Millennium High School?
    Please code your application with our Admissions Code M25A.
    When is the deadline for applications?
    Please check with your middle school or a Family Welcome Center for the application deadline.
    Can students who live outside of Manhattan or District 2 apply?
    Yes, any student living in any of the boroughs of New York City can apply. However, we give admission priority to students who live or attend school south of Houston Street in Manhattan, then to the rest of New York City.
    What is the selection criteria for admission to Millennium High School?
    • 90% average (you do not need 90+ in every course, but we look for an average of 90% in academic courses)
    • 10 or fewer combined absences and latenesses for the school year
    • Level 3 or 4 on standardized exams
    Which grade do you consider for the selection criteria?
    • Applying to 9th grade: we look at 7th grade
    • Applying to 10th grade: we look at 8th grade
    What if I have more than 10 combined absences or latenesses?
    We will take medical issues and family crises into consideration. Please make sure your middle school has proper documentation (i.e. doctor's note) for your absences or latenesses before you submit your application. Also, please send a copy of this documentation to the attention of our Admissions Department. Make sure your name and current school are written at the top.
    Should I submit my report card?
    Yes. If you are applying from a private or parochial school, please mail your child's transcript to:
    Millennium High School
    Attn: Admissions Department
    75 Broad Street, Floor 13
    New York, New York 10004
    NOTE: Do not send your report card if you are currently attending a New York City public school. We receive records of grades, test scores, and attendance directly from the New York City Department of Education.

    Do I need to take an entrance examination?

    No. We are not a testing school.

    Do I need to make an appointment for an interview?

    No. We do not conduct interviews.
    Should I submit a teacher recommendation?
    No. We do not take teacher recommendations into consideration.
    May I visit the school before listing Millennium on my application?
    Yes!  We welcome 8th grade students applying to high school and who live or attend school in Manhattan to visit our school during the fall admissions season. Registration is required to attend.  Go to School Tour (under the Admissions tab) for more information.

    How do I register for a tour?

    You must register through our website. Due to the high volume of requests, we do not register by email or phone.
    What if all of your tours are booked?
    We are a small school located in an office building. For safety reasons, we can only register a maximum of 200 people for each tour. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to tour every family who would like to see the school; however, visiting the school is not a requirement for admission.

    Will I still be able to apply to Millennium if I don't visit?

    Attendance at a school tour has no impact on admission. If you are not able to register for a tour, but would like to see the school, please take a look at the photo gallery posted on the home page of our website. You can also find a ton of information about Millennium by checking out the drop down menus of each tab on our website.