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    How do I apply to Millennium High School (updated 9/2023)

    Millennium High School does not accept applications directly, either by email or in person. Traditionally, applications are submitted online during the New York City’s Department of Education's high school enrollment admissions process. The application is completed in 8th grade by families with the help of their child's middle school guidance counselor. 

    For students entering high school in 2024, the application process begins Tuesday, October 3, 2023. Parents should use MySchools to explore high school options, and talk with their middle school counselor to decide which 12 programs to include on their application. Applying to 12 programs, all of which your child would be happy to attend, makes it more likely that they'll get an offer to a program of their choice!

    Submit your high school application online with MySchools.

    Note: If you have just moved to New York City or are applying from a private/parochial school, please contact a Family Welcome Center at the New York City Department of Education for information on enrolling in the New York City public school system. Your current school counselor can support your application process.

    What is the admissions code for Millennium High School?

    Our admissions code is M25A

    When is the deadline for high school applications?

    The deadline for high school applications for students entering high school in the fall of 2024 is Friday, December 1.

    Does Millennium have a geographic priority for applicants?

    No. Geographic priorities will no longer be applied for ranking. Any student living in any of the five boroughs of New York City can apply. 

    What is the selection criteria for admission to Millennium High School?

    The NYC Department of Education will be ranking students based on their grades in the four core subjects. Students' highest grades in four courses—English, math, social studies, and science––will be used. Please click on the link below for more information:


    *Attendance is no longer taken into consideration for admissions this year.

    How many seats are expected for students entering in 2024?

    For students entering Millennium in September 2024, we anticipate offering 160 seats for incoming freshmen.

    For rising sophomores, there may be some seat availability (to be confirmed at a later time) as we anticipate some current freshmen will be transferring to a specialized high school as well as some families possibly leaving the NYC school system at the end of the current school year.

    How will ranking of students be managed?

    All rankings will be managed again centrally by the Department of Education (DOE) this year. See the NYC DOE Screened Admissions Page:


    Should I submit my report card?

    It is not necessary to send your report card or transcript to Millennium at this time, as all ranking will be centrally managed by the Department of Education.

    For students currently attending a New York City public school, documentation is already on central record and can be accessed by the school.

    For students applying from a private or parochial school, or entering the system for the first time, please ask your current guidance counselor for support in submitting documentation. 

    Do I need to take an entrance examination or write an essay?

    No. We do not require students to take an entrance exam or write an essay as part of our admissions process.

    Do I need to make an appointment for an interview?

    No. Interviews are not a requirement or a factor in our admissions criteria.

    Should I submit a teacher recommendation?

    No. Teacher recommendations are not a factor in our admissions criteria.

    May I visit the school before listing Millennium on my application?

    *Update: as of 9/15/23, registration for open houses opened, please sign up for one of our tours.

    Additionally, you can also find a wealth of information about our school by clicking on each of the tabs below:

    About Us, Admissions and Academics on our school website.