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    The Millennium High School Parent Association (MHSPA) is very active, holding a number of fundraisers through-out the year to support the school. The MHSPA meets once a month during the school year, alternating between morning and evening meetings to give all parents a chance to attend. All parents of MHS students are automatic members.

    Each PA meeting (monthly) is followed by an informational workshop:

    PA Meetings: Day: AM/PM: Times: Workshop:
    September 13 Monday PM *5:00 PM Welcome & First Day of School
    October 12 Tuesday PM 6:00 PM How to help your 9th grader succeed in HS (McEvoy)
    November 9 Tuesday AM 8:45 AM College Office - Gr. 9/10 Check In
    December 14 Tuesday PM 6:00 PM College Office - Gr. 10/11 PSAT/SATS Prep
    January 2022 No meeting this month    
    February 8 Tuesday PM 6:00 PM College Office - Financial Planning Night
    March 8 Tuesday AM 8:45 AM AP Courses & College Now (McEvoy & college counselors)
    April 12 Tuesday PM *8:45 AM Wellness
    May 10 Tuesday AM 8:45 AM College Office - Lower house college Q&A
    June 14 Tuesday PM 6:00 PM Senior parents POV by senior families
    *Note: earlier evening time      


    2021 - 2022 Executive Board Members

    Co-President: Jennifer Carpenter (11)

    Co-President: Isabel Chan (11)

    Vice Presidents: Michelle Vazquez, Maria Garcia-Otero (9)

    Vice Presidents: Abigail Park

    Vice Presidents: Ida Craig (12)

    Co-Treasurer: John Hui (12)

    Co-Treasurer: Amy Lai (12)

    Co-Treasurer: Sally Chan (10)

    Co-Secretary: Melissa Piccolomo (12)

    Co-Secretary: Linda Mancini

    (If you have questions about the PA, please contact our PA Executive Board members at pa@millenniumhs.org)