• Admission Criteria

    Millennium High School is a screened program.  The criteria to be considered for admission to Millennium includes:

    • 90% average (you do not need 90+ in every course, but we look for an average of 90% in academic courses)
    • 10 or fewer combined absences and latenesses for the school year
    • Level 3 or 4 on standardized exams

    All applications are reviewed and assessed in terms of grades, attendance/punctuality, and standardized test scores as stated above.

    Students applying from parochial or independent private schools should submit the form of assessment employed by their school and we will translate their scores. The standardized test score requirements will not apply to these applicants.

    Admission Priorities:  

    1. Priority to students who live or attend school south of East or West Houston Street in Manhattan
    2. Then to New York City residents


    NOTE: Due to COVID19, our admissions process will be undergoing review.  Please check back on our website for any new updates.


    Updated 10/2020