• Admissions Update (2.11.2022): Geographic Priorities and Academic Screening Criteria

    DOE High School Enrollment (HSE) has confirmed that for the current admissions process (students interested in joining the Millennium community in September 2022), the following will apply:

    A. For geographic priorities, Millennium will again be “citywide” with equal consideration for students from all 5 boroughs (there will be no preference for those coming from the downtown (South of Houston) catchment area).

    B. For academic screening, the ranking of candidates will be done by DOE High School of Enrollment (HSE). Please go to the DOE HSE site to learn more:


    C. State test scores and attendance will not be used as criteria for ranking.

    D. Students applying from parochial or independent private schools should submit the form of assessment employed by their school and the Department of Education will translate their scores accordingly. The standardized test score requirements will not apply to these applicants.

    For more detailed information on our admissions criteria, please also see our FAQs under Admissions.

    Our admissions code is M25A.