• Overview

    Millennium High School allows Upper House students to choose some of their classes while fulfilling all graduation requirements. As a rising junior or senior, you will use these guidelines to request your academic program for the upcoming school year. 


    All students are required to complete eight (8) credits in each of the following disciplines: Science, Math, English, and History. That means taking, and passing, a class in each of those areas every semester of your high school career. Students must also complete three (3) years of language study, complete four (4) additional credits of electives, and earn four (4) credits for Advisory. In addition, there are some specific graduation requirements that are detailed below.

    SCIENCE: You MUST complete at least one course in physics - either Physics or Physics Elective - before you graduate. If you plan to take Advanced Physics as a senior, you MUST take a Physics or Physics Elective class as a junior.

    MATH: You MUST complete Algebra 2 (or an equivalent math course) before you graduate.

    HISTORY: You MUST complete a year of U.S. History as well as Economics AND Government before you graduate. Juniors MUST take U.S. History or AP U.S. History (if accepted).

    ELECTIVES: Juniors are required to complete their language study by taking Spanish 3, Spanish 4, or Mandarin 3 as one of their electives. Seniors who have completed three years of language, and who have satisfied all other academic requirements, may have a free period. Electives may only be used to make up for missing credits during senior year.