• College Office

    The Millennium High School College Office provides the following services for Millennium students and families:

    • Open student access to college counselors
      In addition to scheduled meetings, the College Office has an open door policy to
      students. Support includes: mock interviews, college list and decision support, financial
      aid review, essay and resume editing, and general inquiries.
    • Monthly College Newsletters for Junior and Seniors which includes summaries of
      what is being discussed in college advisory, best practices, opportunities, events, and
    • Individual college planning meeting with every family in junior year. At this
      meeting, students and their counselor discuss individual goals and are given tailored
      support as well as an individualized list of suggested colleges.
    • Individualized, thoughtful letters of recommendation for every student highlighting
      student achievements, providing context where necessary, and advocating on their
    • Coordination of College Representative visits to MHS (81 of them this year!). Every
      fall MHS welcomes College Admissions representatives for small group info sessions for
      students. Counselors also have the opportunity to meet with these admissions
      representatives individually, fostering relationships and staying up to date on any
      changes in programming and admissions requirements.
    • 12 College Advisory Workshops for Seniors (10 in the Fall, 2 in the Spring) where
      all aspects of college application process are shared with hands-on support including:
      step by step full CUNY application submission, setting up and submitting applications via
      CommonApp, how to write supplemental essays, review of important deadlines and
      financial aid forms, and a comprehensive guide on how to read a financial aid package.
    • 10 Spring College Advisory Workshops for Juniors including: learning how the
      admissions process works, writing an activities resume, how to research schools and
      build a balanced list, different types of schools, and creating a CommonApp Account.
    • Coordination of a parallel 8 week Spring College Essay Workshop for Juniors
    • Spring College Advisory Workshops for Sophomores where students get set-up on
      Naviance and complete a career assessment.
    • Spring College Advisory Workshop for Freshmen with an emphasis of getting
      involved in extracurricular activities
    • Parent Events
      Senior Parent Q&A Night, Parent SAT Workshop, Junior Family College Kickoff Night, 9th
      & 10th Grade Parent Q & A
    • Additionally
      Essay review, maintain Naviance, distribution of transcripts and coordinate scholarship application processes including the POSSE, QuestBridge, Gates Millennium, among others. 

    All services listed are made possible by Parents Association Fundraising Campaigns