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Lunch at Millennium (requires action)

Please read this important notice and fill out the online application.

At Millennium, students have the option of:
  • leaving the premises to have lunch outside (with parental permission);
  • bringing a bagged lunch from home;
  • having the lunch provided by the school cafeteria.
Leaving the premises to have lunch outside:
Once students go outside for lunch, they must eat outside and are not permitted to return with food.  Outside lunch is a privilege.  Students who come to school late in the morning will have this privilege revoked the same day.  Students who return late to afternoon classes will not be permitted to go outside the next day.  Students who habitually return late to afternoon classes may have this privilege revoked for the school year.  Outside lunch privileges will begin on Monday, September 9th for students who have handed in all of their permission forms.

Bringing a bagged lunch:

Students who wish to bring bagged lunch must bring it with them in the morning and keep it in their backpacks or lockers until lunch period.  Students are not permitted to walk the halls holding their lunches and food must be taken out in the cafeteria only (to avoid creating a rodent or bug problem). There is no place to keep lunches refrigerated, so students should bring something that can be kept at room temperature for a few hours.  

Lunch provided by the school cafeteria:
Lunch is now free for all NYC public school students. However, all parents, regardless of income, must still complete a Family Inquiry Form so that our school gets access to federal funding for this program and others. Please complete the form online at or click the link below.
Please note
  • parents can complete one online form for all their children attending any NYC DOE school;
  • if you are in need of a translated version of the application, your child may request a hard copy from the school's main office; 
  • breakfast is provided free for all students and served starting at 8:00 AM in the cafeteria every school day.